Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why a day trip from Kodiak is never just a day trip.

Well my DH and I left for Anchorage Monday morning bright and early. We both had several appointments. The flight to Anchorage went smoothly, the appointments went as well as can be expected for the VA. We had something important to do for a friend in Eagle River that went well. So we headed back to Anchorage to go eat at the Moose Tooth. They have great pizza, something we don't get here on the rock. That went great, so back to the airport we go. Turn in the rental car, check in at ERA and head for the gate which is in no man's land. The board shows the plane is on time. So far so good. Well half an hour before we should leave we hear them talking about our flight is going to be late. Well, we are only about 20 minutes behind schedule. Not bad. I should have known that it would only get worse. Coming in to the Kodiak area, we couldn't see anything, fog was thick as pea soup. We start our decent, WHAT? Still can't see anything, landing gear goes down, WHAT? By now the whole plane is quiet. Next thing we know the plane is nosing up hard!! It better, our runway starts at water and ends in mountain. Pilot makes the announcement we are heading for Homer. HOMER, WHAT? We get to Homer land get off the plane, and they fuel up, oh joy, we were low on fuel. Finally the pilot informs us that we will be heading back to Anchorage. Jeeze lady we needed an hour for that? One more time on the plane and back to Anchorage we go. Getting off the plane is fun, since everyone wants to be first in line at ERA to rebook! Look out rude, tired, frustrated, travelers running amuck! By the way this is 10:00 at night the flight left at 6:40 and is only an hour flight. Next flight available is 10:00 the next morning. And no, not everyone on the plane made it on that flight. I am happy to say we did and got back on the rock a little after 11:00, only to find out they were doing emergency repairs to our heat. thank goodness for good neighbors.

I have to thank our friends for caring for puppies while we were gone. Buddy, went to stay with his "girlfriend" Lola. One spunky, active dog is one thing but to have two is another. And when those two get together, they go in crazy circles. Taz stayed with Trinna, and showed what a diva he really is.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Basketsbyrose give away

Everyone loves beautiful handmade baskets, well here is your chance to when a free basket. These beautiful baskets are handmade right here in the USA. For a chance to win click on the link I have her and get all of the details. While you are on Rose's blog check out all of her other wonderful items!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puppy Love

We have all heard the term puppy love, well my bichon Buddy is really in love. It is cute, funny and a little depressing. We took Buddy and Taz to meet Lola, a shih tzu. Her humans were going to Hawaii for spring break and she was going to come stay with us while they were gone. Well, she bounced over to Taz and he ignored her. Then she found Buddy, they just kinda looked at each other and then just went aobut their way. However, when we got inside they took a closer look at each other and that was it. They chased each other all over the house, she cleaned him, he let her, and they had a wonderful time. On the ride home he slept. He sacked out at home. Lola did the same thing. The next morning he was depressed, Lola was too. So we made another playdate for them. Yep, they perked right up. But when they leave each other depression sets in. After a day or so they are o.k. she spent more than a week with us and that just sealed the deal. They are crazy about each other. They pout after they have seen each other and then have to leave the other one. I never thought I would have to take my dog on dates. The strange things we do for our furry family members.
Lola running to Buddy, that hadn't seen each other in a week.
Lola is kissing Buddy.
Buddy and Lola.
Buddy after Lola leaves.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shiny Day

Well the sun was shinning yesterday. The sun here can seem like a foreign object. LOL My poor puppies sat in their favorit spot watching the world go by and enjoying the sun from inside all day. So after we all had supper, my honey took us for a short ride down to Solanie Creek and we let the dogs out to run around like little wild animals, well Buddy anyway. Taz is too....oh I don't know he is just a poodle and they are so paticular. I snapped a few pictures. Walked a little bit and just enjoyed watching the dogs and my honey have a good time. But good grief, did it have to be 27 degrees. Sun was great, but it was chilly. Enjoyed just getting out for awhile.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Last night was like Christmas. My husband brought the mail in for me and I had two packages. I got two more great things from DRAT members. The first are the beautiful dove ornaments made by Montezuma Mudd Pottery. They feel so delicate and have wonderful detail.

The second item is a quilted wall hanging from Cottontail Quilts that I received in a member swap. This little brown bear is just adorable, he is perfect for Kodiak. I have already found a spot to put him up and my doves will be on display all year.

You should check out the DRAT website there are some amazing artist.


Just a quick post to thank my friends for keeping me sane while I am cooped up. Karen has been kind enough to help me here at the house. My craft room had turned into chaos. Not to mention she has taken me to town to run errands and have lunch. Judi calls even though she sounds like she is pulling her hair out with both hands. Slow down girl before you need one of your hats to cover the bald spots! LOL Don't work too hard in Anchorage, yea yea, I know, it is a business trip. Try to relax a bit. Don't worry about that cat in a dog suit, I know he will be in good hands while you are gone. I am researching some treats to make for him that will be alright for him and his little problem.

Thanks to everyone who stops my honey to ask him how I am doing. I will be back in fine form again by the end of May.

And thanks honey for putting up with my grumpiness right now. LOL I kinda like you helping with laundry. Long as it consist of folding and carrying!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Flock of Seagulls

That smile is so smug. Just like a kid.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter to everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I am adding a link on the side I hope you all will watch. I will leave the link. It is a tribute to our troops. I wept as I watched. It brought back so many memories. Most not good. But that discussion is for my PTSD Dr. LOL Just watch and remember that so many women and men will not be home with their families on this occasion. Remember the one thing all military personnel pray for is peace.
May it happen soon.