Friday, March 26, 2010

Why I started a blog.

Seems like everyone has a blog now. This will be my place to rant and rave, let off steam, praise my family, friends, pets, post pictures and post things I just happen to like. I have turned a hobby into a small business, but this blog is not all about that. I have found other artist along the way who do amazing work and I will be featuring their work also.

I am lucky enough to live on a beautiful island in Alaska. The beauty of the island is more than the view, it is the people of the island. They are an incredible bunch of people. I have always dreamed of coming to Alaska. Alaska was on my dream sheet in the Army. The reason it is a dream sheet, cause you can just keep on dreaming. Never got here while I was in the Army. But after my husband got out of the service, he got a job here and gave me a whole new adventure, just when I thought all of my adventures where over.

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