Monday, January 10, 2011


So my darling husband and I along with our furry children took a long vacation to the lower 48 to visit family for the holidays.  Just taking the furry children with us on the plane was a trip in itself.  They were very good I have to admit but to take them out of their kennels and carry them through security and put them back in was a pain.  Of course kids, both small and large wanted to pet them.  They counted as our carry on most people didn't know we had dogs, at least they didn't cry or smell like a dirty diaper, which we had plenty of on one flight.  I don't know what the couple behind us where feeding that kid but they need to stop!!!

We were very lucky that both our families get along and we all got together on Christmas Eve and had dinner together.  After spending Christmas morning watching the grandchildren open their presents we drove to DH grandmothers house and spent time with her.

Of course we did some shopping, and all I can say is I do not miss traffic.  I do not miss taking forever just to go a few miles.  I do not miss crowds.  I do miss family, I miss that certain smell that the south has.  I miss the smells of the farm.  I miss hearing the baying of dogs.  Just the southern girl in me. 

But let me tell you my heart took flight seeing the snow capped mountains, glaciers, and ocean. I do love Alaska. I love see mountains on one side and bay on the other as we drive here. This is one incredible place.



Lexi, Buddy and Levi


  1. So glad your trip was wonderful. You mention being southern...where from? And the two grand babies are adorable. And I love their names!!

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