Friday, April 1, 2011

Moved in

Well it is official, we are in the house with all of our stuff.  It is still in boxes and scattered to the 3 winds but it is here!  I would do the happy dance, but I am to darn tired!!!  Found out yesterday the football league helps people move as a fund raiser.  Hello, I couldn't have heard this before I finished moving??  I would have been glad to donate to their organization for some help.  Maybe I will suggest they advertise this little nugget of info. 

My camera is sitting all alone and I am jonesing to get out and snap some pics.  DH and I saw orcas as we were driving to the flats.  You have to love living in a place where you can see killer whales breaching and swimming as you are driving.  Sea lions are a little skittish right now, they do make a tasty meal for orcas. 

Well time to get back to put things were they belong.

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