Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lazy or just busy?

Has it really been since April?  I know I got busy but got grief.  At the end of April We flew to Anchorage and I got  a new "used" truck"  it has never been owned but in the state of Alaska if some one that does not work for the dealer takes a vehicle off the lot over night the vehicle becomes a "used" vehicle good for me  got a great deal on a really nice F150 with all the bells and whistles on it.  Had to drive to Homer which takes around 5 hours to get on the ferry.  But we took our time and stopped along the way ended up staying the night in Soldotna and then drove into Homer we spent the night there since the ferry left early the in the morning.  Nice view, nice meal, lots of shopping the truck was packed only room we had was our seats. 

Once we got home I went right into prep mood for the cruise ships and haven't stopped until now.  I lost a hard drive with nearly all of my work.  All of my photo edits are gone all paperwork gone.  My DH tried to recover it but can't get all of it so I am going to have to send it the geek squad and pay them to try and recover it.  I nearly had a melt down.  Months of work gone in a split second!  I have two new hard drives on the way I am taking all new precautions for backing up this time.  Hard lesson to learn!!!!  Oh well.  The house is getting a good cleaning. LOL

I saw a new baby duckling in our pond yesterday, was so happy to see it all of the other babies disappeared.  Well this morning I hear a duck making a racket, so I  go out on the deck from my bedroom and look out and see an eagle having got it baby duckling, mom watching.  So sad...

Well maybe I well have something happier to talk about in a few days...

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