Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy to be home

After spending a week in Seattle I remember why I do not miss living in a city! Good grief it takes forever to get anywhere and everywhere is crowded. Also I just didn't get a thrill out of watching people urinating in public. Not just the homeless, but a young guy wearing a skirt. Yes a skirt. It was not a kilt. Anyway the food was great. So many choices which we don't have here on the island. But after a week I was tired of eating out and was ready to eat my own cooking for a change. I don't know how people eat out all the time. Even when we lived were we could do that we only ate out once a week or so. Loved Zoopa's. Incredible all you eat salad and pasta bar. No meat on the bar, but you can order chicken extra if you like. They even have tofu and a bread bar. When we go back to the west coast I will definitely eat there again.

We went to Pike's Place, I do miss being able to shop like that. All the wonderful choices in fresh fruit, herbs, plants..... not to mention love watching the early morning fish market. We also went to the aquarium. It was rather strange to go in there and see so many things in glass tanks that we see here on the beach and when we go fishing, or just riding around the island. They did have a rather cool display for jellyfish, it went in a circle and had lights that changed colors so that when the jellies passed the colors where displayed through the jellies and you were able to see every detail of the jelly. Made for some interesting pictures.

I also did a lot of regular shopping for things that are hard to get here on the island. We came home with two footlockers full, weight, 48.9 and 49.3. Just made the weight for the flight. We went to Seattle with one of the footlockers, believe me this is not unusual with anyone from Alaska. Anyone living in the "bush" goes with empty suitcases wherever they go, or they come home with "Alaska luggage" which can be anything, including a cardboard box with duct tape. We went to Target to get the footlocker. Looked everywhere could not find one so I decided to ask someone if they had them. I found a Target employee, asked him if the carried footlockers and he said oh yes I'll show you. So I follow him, DH in tow. He stops at the small food containers. Did I mention that he was Nigerian? So English was his second language. I told him I wanted a f-o-o-t locker, he gets this strange look on his face, then he ask me how many feet did I want to put in the locker? My DH leaves at this point, and I am trying not to laugh while I explain what a footlocker is. Next thing I know he holds up his inventory machine that shows that nothing was found matching footlocker, and he is stammering and takes off. By the way he followed us out of the store. He thought we didn't see him but we did. So I guess he thought we were some kind of criminals looking for storage for our trophies! I went to Wal Mart even though I didn't want to, they had it. Oh well it made for a really good laugh


  1. What an adventure! especially at Target. hehe

  2. There's no place like home....there's no place like home....that' what I usually chant when I'm in the big city! How many feet did you go home with?
    Love the jelly photos! They will make stunning cards!