Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beautiful day at Pasagshak

Yesterday was amazing. The big round bright shiny thing in the sky that so often alludes us here on the island stayed all day! When my DH got off work he loaded the atv up and we headed out to Pasagshak. We were hoping to see some whales maybe. The whales were not close to shore but you could see lots of spray and and a few flukes. However, the buffalo are having their babies right now and they are just adorable. The Teddy Bear Cows are also calving. O.K. so their name is not Teddy Bear but that is what they make me think of, wish I could make stuffed animals like them. They are Scottish Highlander and they are a rugged breed to make it here. They have one heck of a view for grazing even if they don't appreciate it. While riding the atv around I got to see a whale breech. No picture except the one that will live in my memory of a wonderful day. The dogs loved running on the beach, staring at the buffalo, and Buddy got brave and "chased" a cow. Which means he ran toward it and when it got off the road he kicked his stiff little legs like he had done something grand. He was proud of himself. Taz ignored him and the cows.

In just a few miles of road way we saw whales, buffalo, and new babies, cow, and new calves, eagles, ravens, magpies, chickadees, wrens, sitka deer, Canadian geese, and swans. All done in a couple of hours. Not bad for a quick little ride in the afternoon.

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