Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why a day trip from Kodiak is never just a day trip.

Well my DH and I left for Anchorage Monday morning bright and early. We both had several appointments. The flight to Anchorage went smoothly, the appointments went as well as can be expected for the VA. We had something important to do for a friend in Eagle River that went well. So we headed back to Anchorage to go eat at the Moose Tooth. They have great pizza, something we don't get here on the rock. That went great, so back to the airport we go. Turn in the rental car, check in at ERA and head for the gate which is in no man's land. The board shows the plane is on time. So far so good. Well half an hour before we should leave we hear them talking about our flight is going to be late. Well, we are only about 20 minutes behind schedule. Not bad. I should have known that it would only get worse. Coming in to the Kodiak area, we couldn't see anything, fog was thick as pea soup. We start our decent, WHAT? Still can't see anything, landing gear goes down, WHAT? By now the whole plane is quiet. Next thing we know the plane is nosing up hard!! It better, our runway starts at water and ends in mountain. Pilot makes the announcement we are heading for Homer. HOMER, WHAT? We get to Homer land get off the plane, and they fuel up, oh joy, we were low on fuel. Finally the pilot informs us that we will be heading back to Anchorage. Jeeze lady we needed an hour for that? One more time on the plane and back to Anchorage we go. Getting off the plane is fun, since everyone wants to be first in line at ERA to rebook! Look out rude, tired, frustrated, travelers running amuck! By the way this is 10:00 at night the flight left at 6:40 and is only an hour flight. Next flight available is 10:00 the next morning. And no, not everyone on the plane made it on that flight. I am happy to say we did and got back on the rock a little after 11:00, only to find out they were doing emergency repairs to our heat. thank goodness for good neighbors.

I have to thank our friends for caring for puppies while we were gone. Buddy, went to stay with his "girlfriend" Lola. One spunky, active dog is one thing but to have two is another. And when those two get together, they go in crazy circles. Taz stayed with Trinna, and showed what a diva he really is.

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