Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puppy Love

We have all heard the term puppy love, well my bichon Buddy is really in love. It is cute, funny and a little depressing. We took Buddy and Taz to meet Lola, a shih tzu. Her humans were going to Hawaii for spring break and she was going to come stay with us while they were gone. Well, she bounced over to Taz and he ignored her. Then she found Buddy, they just kinda looked at each other and then just went aobut their way. However, when we got inside they took a closer look at each other and that was it. They chased each other all over the house, she cleaned him, he let her, and they had a wonderful time. On the ride home he slept. He sacked out at home. Lola did the same thing. The next morning he was depressed, Lola was too. So we made another playdate for them. Yep, they perked right up. But when they leave each other depression sets in. After a day or so they are o.k. she spent more than a week with us and that just sealed the deal. They are crazy about each other. They pout after they have seen each other and then have to leave the other one. I never thought I would have to take my dog on dates. The strange things we do for our furry family members.
Lola running to Buddy, that hadn't seen each other in a week.
Lola is kissing Buddy.
Buddy and Lola.
Buddy after Lola leaves.

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