Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shiny Day

Well the sun was shinning yesterday. The sun here can seem like a foreign object. LOL My poor puppies sat in their favorit spot watching the world go by and enjoying the sun from inside all day. So after we all had supper, my honey took us for a short ride down to Solanie Creek and we let the dogs out to run around like little wild animals, well Buddy anyway. Taz is too....oh I don't know he is just a poodle and they are so paticular. I snapped a few pictures. Walked a little bit and just enjoyed watching the dogs and my honey have a good time. But good grief, did it have to be 27 degrees. Sun was great, but it was chilly. Enjoyed just getting out for awhile.


  1. Yikes 27 degrees! I guess I should make you a little jealous - it got up to 90 degrees today here in New Hampshire...very wierd to say the least but just for one day I won't complain LOL. Your walk today sounds idylic and I AM jealous. What a wild and beautiful place to live.

  2. Enjoyed the read and the photo's ,such a wild and beautiful place you live. Don't let some big wild animal snap up those tiny little dogs. They are about the right size for a quick snack. They do have good camouflage though, being white and fluffy just like snow!!